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BROKEN - Pivotal Moments of Change is the debut nonfiction memoir written by Jamie Switch, detailing his journey around the globe in the aftermath of a life shattering event, and is the first in a series of three books. Prepare to be taken on a journey through this deeply disturbing and profoundly beautiful story about life, love, and psychedelic plant medicine.  


There are a few pivotal moments over the course of a lifetime that are so severe and drastic that they have the potential to leave a person permanently and irrevocably broken. While living in a foreign country, Jamie's seemingly happy, twelve-year marriage came to a devastating end in a matter of seconds, forcefully dismantling a lifetime of conditioned beliefs and launching him into desperate journey towards the unknown. The safety of his home, his loving marriage, and a his plans for the future vanish into thin air. Having lost almost half of his body weight and utterly consumed by grief, he rapidly spirals into an unwavering depression culminating in an attempt to take his own life. Having narrowly survived, he finds himself at a crossroad, with limited choices:  try again to leave this world, crawl back to a place he had once called home or follow a mysterious call to one of the most unlikely destinations on earth. This book follows that journey and all the challenges and discoveries that came in the wake of that decision as he attempts to find his feet again. Although it spans over five countries and twenty-two cities, the true voyage would be the one taken within. This is a story of loss and betrayal, but also one of hope and self-discovery. Perhaps the most painful and challenging moments that we face in our lives will be the moments that teach us the most about ourselves.

Broken - Pivotal Moments of Change Book Jacket

Jamie Switch’s heart-wrenching literary debut is a story about the shattering of socially conditioned paradigms and the perilous passage from blissful ignorance into stark reality, following a devastatingly detailed journey in the wake of loss.

Set against contrastingly vivid backdrops of sprawling concrete jungles, snow-capped mountains, and secluded rainforests, Broken is a mesmerizing fusing of pain and desire that brilliantly explores the emotional fabric of what it truly means to survive love. Gripping, painful, deeply haunting, and often darkly entertaining, Broken - Pivotal Moments of Change is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever known love… and lost it.

Word count: 98,000

Chapters: 33

Progress: Ready for publication by May 2024

Seeking: Literary representation and publication

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