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Here's a sneak peek at Jamie Switch's exciting upcoming projects. Broken - Pivotal Moments of Change serves as the first in a series of three books chronicling his travels around the world, and the story continues with Poly - The World Needs More Love, and Commune - Reimagine The World

The World Needs More Love

Continuing where the journey leaves off in Broken - Pivotal Moments of Change, Jamie embarks on a voyage across the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Despite his profoundly illuminating experience in jungle, a wave of uncertainty rapidly begins to creep in. Starting life over as a single man in his forties, he quickly begins to realize just how much the dating world has changed during his decade long absence from it. After spending half a lifetime existing within the bonds of a socially accepted format of serial monogamy, consistently culminating with the same result, he's left to wonder if there are other ways to hold connection. Relationship models that were once demonized into the realms of taboo, start to fan the flames of curiosity. Perhaps it’s time to take a leap of faith into the domains of alternative forms of connectivity. This is a deep dive into the heterodox of alternate expressions of relationship, while exploring some of the most mysterious destinations on earth. It is a story about making mistakes, overcoming challenges, discovering one-self, but most significantly — it is a story about love.

Progress: Completed first draft

Target Word Count: 90,000

Chapters: 25

Poly - The World Needs More Love Book Jacket
Reimagine the World
Commune - Reimagine the World Book Jacket

Once you've peered behind the curtain of society, it's almost impossible to ever see it in the same light again. After escaping the matrix of Western society for over half a decade, critical questions begin to consume Jamie about what it truly means to be a part of the human experience. Why do we accept governments hell-bent on engaging in endless wars? When did we allow corporate monopolies to destroy our planet for the well-being of the privileged few? How did obesity, depression, anxiety, seperatism, tribalism and greed become the most critical issues we face as a society? What does one do when they can no longer stomach the corrupt ideals of a broken system? The answer might be surprisingly simple — stop playing a rigged game and reimagine a new world. If the systems that control us only hold their power because we choose to give it to them, then the choice of disengaging is in itself an act of civil disobedience. Following the lead of many others, Jamie's journey takes a detour into the hidden world of commune living. Perhaps, as Charles Eisenstein predicts, there is a More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.

Progress: Research and Conceptual Stage

Target Word Count: 95,000

Chapters: 30

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