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Learn more about the author, and view the some of the incredible photos from the adventure that inspired Jamie Switch's debut nonfiction book: Broken - Pivotal Moments of Change.


Jamie Switch grew up in the mountains of Banff National Park, flourishing a lifelong love for nature in all of its many magical expressions. He feels most at peace when he's traversing secluded rainforests, hunting for waterfalls, summiting snowcapped mountains, or trailing in the backcountry.


As a child, he manifested a passion for storytelling, falling in love with the ability to connect with other human beings on deeper emotional levels through words. In university he majored in thespian studies, followed by several years of schooling at a niche acting studio while pursuing a career in theatre, film and tv. Despite the pure euphoria he experienced every time he stepped on stage or in front of a camera, he eventually grew tired of the industry around it, inevitably choosing to open up to other forms of artistic expression.


In 2018 he relocated to Nayarit, Mexico to pursue an alternative lifestyle from the one he had always known in Canada and it was there that his interest in writing began to take root. After the sudden collapse of his marriage, he was forced to take a hard look at half a life-time lived and decide if he was truly living in a way that was congruent with his deeply held intrinsic beliefs. It was during that period of self-reflection that his first book began to take life. 


As a mycology enthusiast with a passion for the cultivation of psilocybin, he has traversed the globe in exploration of various forms of psychedelic plant medicines. He has travelled to over twenty-six countries, and maintains a nomadic existence in pursuit of his next adventure. Jamie's debut non-fiction memoir, Broken - Pivotal Moments of Change, is inspired by personal challenges faced within his own life which have stimulated his desire for the advocacy of mental health.

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